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News - REPORT ON IFFA-2016


Which machines were the most popular among Russian processors in IFFA 2016

From 7 to 12 of May in Frankfurt took place a world-wide forum of the food processing equipment. This year there were 1027 participants from dozens of countries and companies while number of business visitors exceeded 66 thousands from 143 countries. Last year’s records of IFFA were beaten.

Our foreign partners – well-known world companies- successfully participated in this exhibition: German companies: MADO ( and VAKONA ( by their owners and top managers – Hёning family, Mr. Ludger (3-rd from right side in the second row) and his sons Christian and Sebastian.

And Japanese manufacturer HITEC ( by the head and SEO of the company Mr. Tatsuo Nakamura (in the center with participant badge).

The company KON presents hereby the survey of our partners equipment which attracted most of the attention of the food processing companies from Russia and CIS countries.


The Extruder is the present and the future of recycling

The interest to this machine was high during the entire exhibition. Meat processors from all over the world appreciated the opportunity to combine 3 processes: cutting, mixing and homogenization of product in one machine which is twice smaller and twice cheaper then an ordinary cutter. Besides 50% savings on investments, MADO Extruder decreases operating costs for 50% as well.

This machine is new for the Russian market only. It is successfully produced and used for 4 years in the countries like Japan, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Germany. All the numbers above are based on it’s operating experience.

The effectiveness grows together with the performance. That is the reason why MADO manufactures the cutters with capacity less than 200 liters only giving the priority to the extruders which produce homogeneous product 3-times faster than ordinary devices even in case of simultaneous load of fresh and frozen meat.


The vacuum massager ESK with energy-saving cooling system is the latest generation of such devices. The lowest energy costs in its class for cooling a product decreases the costs of your production manufacturing. The minimal space occupied by maximum of the latest technologies.

The most interesting part for manufacturers is universality of machine’s applications. The massager ESK effectively processes a variety of raw materials: meat, fish, poultry, forcemeat, vegetables, salads, curd masses providing to your factory the greatest range of products. The regulation of bowl tilting allows to vary the volume of each product. No matter the volume all of your products will be of great quality as the machine is designed to process the raw materials occupying from 20 to 75 % of useful bowl’s volume.

Inside of the united stand of MADO and VAKONA it was made a particular innovation corner.

There was another important MADO machine represented - the mincer with low pressure separation.

The innovative device made by MADO company by order of the German government with help of the Kulmbach institute. It produces forcemeat from fresh chicken with less calcium than in ordinary mechanical deboning separators. Herewith forcemeat is heated not more than for 0,1 C because of usage of low-pressure chamber.


The unique manufacturer of fully-automated sausage production line which is manufactured for already more than 10 years. During this time the system gained good reputation on the market because of its durability, serviceability and unrivaled production speed.

The most important property for the visitors was the ability to work with different types of casing. Many people think that it’s impossible to produce sausages in natural casings with constant weight and size. They are correct but only when talking about the common methods of manufacturing. The company HITEC uses it’s own methods and reaches the high accuracy.

HITEC regularly improves the components of the system seeking to enlarge the number of sizes can be produced, the accuracy of weighing and to increase the productivity. The most popular machine at the exhibition was VACUUM LINKWEL-L which unites the linker and the vacuum pump in one body for precise dosing of the filler in the sausages. The machine can be used for any types of casing and any sizes of product.

The change of a type, size or casing type of the product takes minimal time. In this way HITEC makes sure you are ready for a changeable demand of the market.

We will be happy to provide you more information about devices listed above and any of your questions about recycling products.