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News - In the magazine “Mjasnoj Rjad” (11.07)

In the magazine “Mjasnoj Rjad” (11.07)

In the magazine “Mjasnoj Rjad” (Summer 2014), that has just been released, you should definitely read an article about a real revolution in the technology of sausages production.

In the role of the "revolutionaries", along with the company KON, are acting our old partners, world-famous firms: MADO (Germany), HITEC (Japan) and SUNWELL (Canada).

Combining our innovations, they offer to meat processors the technology, which, - compared to the traditional one - where 2-3 times and where even considerably more, accelerates, improves and cheapens the sausages of all sizes and types production process.

On our web-site you can find a PDF-version of this article (see pp.36-38). Or, rather purchase the latest issue of the magazine “Mjasnoj Rjad”!

Here we also placed a more complete version of the Project Description with the technical characteristics of the equipment.

And please, do not hesitate to contact our office for technical details of the Project, as well as with orders for this miracle technology.