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News - Agroprodmash-2016


On October 10-14, at the Expocentre, in Moscow, was held the traditional and most representative in our sector, 21st in a row Exhibition AGROPRODMASH.

At this time at two stands of KON, with the total area of 151 square meters, together with our Company, more than a dozen foreign and Russian organizations and firms were presented.

For the first time, this year Owner and CEO KON Mr. Eliseev managed to invite working at our Stand Ms. Daria Kolesnikova, Commercial Specialist of the Trade Mission of the US Embassy in Moscow. Attracted by high "demand" of our stand by the Russian enterprises, she personally advertised our exposition and promoted the development of relations between Russian and US businessmen, inviting the Russians to work more actively with the Americans in the food sector.

The technological chain of meat and fish processing, which KON has been strongly increasing from year to year, this time was also significantly replenished.

Along with the most modern equipment of KON itself - the latest generation of thermal chambers of the 100th model – to everyone's attention were proposed innovations of the world-famous companies, the traditional and new KON Partners:

Family businesses from Germany - MADO and VAKONA, led by the father Ludger and his son Cristian Höning, - presented a variety of machines that can easily, economically, hygienically and accurately prepare feedstock - from lump of meat and fish to stuffing and emulsions. These are band saws SELEKTA and grinding machines, extruders (grinder, cutter and emulsifier in one housing), grinders, cutters of MADO, and tumblers, mixers including vacuum ones, tenderizers, mincers and injectors from VAKONA. All are of the highest world-class, easy to fit with the models and lines of other manufacturers.

The Japanese Firm HITEC, headed by its Owner and CEO, Mr. Tatsuo Nakamura, demonstrated its sausage line Linkwel, meat pump, equalizer and peeling machine, presented to visitors other novelties of sausage lines and equipment.

This year the Company KON added to this food processing chain equipment of the two well-known manufacturers: its longtime partner, the German Company Intervac, represented by Mr. Michael Wohlberedt, as well as the Dutch family company of brothers Bram and Tom van Oirschot - van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal.

The first presented the latest vacuum packaging machine, and the second - the spectacular and efficient lift-tipper Backsaver.

Finally, the Canadian company SUNWELL, which has already become a traditional participant of our exposition, advertized its unique Deepchill Variable State Ice Technology, which provides rapid cooling in all stages of meat and fish processing as well as in many other food industries.

And, apparently, completely unexpected twist threads, from meat and fish to fried, dried, frozen fruits, nuts, spices. This year KON invited to the stand manufacturers of related equipment – the Indian company ODTIN Food Solutions, OFSPL, represented by Messrs. Nitin Aras and Romesh Sharma.

Another bold step of KON to create innovative meat and other products with exotic toppings!

And another important addition: this year the Company demonstrated – KON is not only the Moscow team. We are not alone in realizing the noble ideas of innovations and import substitution for the benefit of Russian citizens. Strategy, idea and mission of KON share and actively promote regional representatives and dealers, such as FITFOOD, Moscow (Director Mr. Rinat Samerhanov) and MITRESURS, Togliatti (director Michael Tochilkin).

They personally, as well as their best employees, also attended and successfully worked on the stand side by side with the members of KON.

During the work of AGROPRODMASH KON has received about 300 only documented applications and requests from many regions of Russia as well as the ex-USSR countries: from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine to the states of Central Asia.

Thus, systematically and persistently, year by year, KON builds and strengthens a solid, high-performance and cost-effective chain of a fully automated universal system of GK KON, with the KON thermal chambers as the basis. So we see the realization of the idea of innovations and import substitution.

Judging by the current EXPO and the growth of order book, we have something to get…