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News - In April and May Company KON held in Russia and Germany (26.05)

In April and May Company KON held in Russia and Germany (26.05)

In April and May Company KON held in Russia and Germany a number of meetings and testing equipment together with the heads of leading Russian and foreign companies of the Industry.

At this time, the main objective was the creation of "shortened " and at the same time high-quality sausage production line which allows increasing the output at least 10 times and significantly improve the quality of products.
The best experts of HITEC, MADO, KON, and SUNWELL took part in preparing this big Project.


MADO provided for this Line unique Extruders which combine the functions of three conventional meat processing machines, as well as the latest models of the cutters (see : .

HITEC, in its turn, proposed the Linkers Linkwel for manufacturing sausages in natural and artificial casings, as well as a high-speed peeler - divider of sausages (see:

Group KON, for its part, delivered its most promising model - the universal Thermal Chamber KON100 (see : Without a doubt, today such Chambers are the world's best in this class of equipment.
Combining the capabilities of these very Machines made by MADO, HITECH and KON together with the Generator of liquid ice produced by SUNWELL (, any producer can easily and quickly manufacturing the highest quality sausages with a substantial ( at least tenfold ) increase in output .

At the same time he can significantly reduce the number of his staff.

April - May testing equipment in the premises of our Russian Customers fully proved this assertion.