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Фотогалерея Exhibition AGROPRODMASH 2015, Moscow

Exhibition AGROPRODMASH 2015, Moscow

Kompany KON, together with the foreign Partners, presented an impressive exposition at 114square meters. Besides the latest generation of KON thermal chambers of the 100th Model, to everyone's attention were proposed novelties of the world famous companies - the general partners of KON:

German Company MADO brought to the Expo its newest models of mincers, cutters and extruders.

The Japanese Firm HITEC, presented its sausage line Linkwel, meat pump, equalizer and peeling machine.

Another Producer from Germany, VAKONA, focused its exposition on tumbling, vacuum mixing, blending and tenderizing machines and injectors for cooking deli meat.

And finally, the Canadian company SUNWELL advertized its unique Deepchill Variable State Ice Technology, which provides rapid cooling in all stages of meat processing as well as in many other food and non-food industries.

Together, KON and their Partners provided complete and highly profitable system of meat processing that delivers finished product of the highest quality.

Moreover, these companies provide both - technology for the largest meat processing plants and for small shops for Gourmets as well. One of the representatives of the Gourmet format, the co-owner and the head of the network Le Bon Gout Andrei Kouspits even specially held on the KON Stand a master class on making gourmet sausages, advertising equipment and technology of the KON partners – participants of the Booth expo.

Expo of KON was a huge success both for ordinary visitors and industry leaders. A number of beneficial deals has already been concluded for purchasing the machines presented by participants of the united exposition..