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Фотогалерея Exhibition AGROPRODMASH 2013, Moscow

Exhibition AGROPRODMASH 2013, Moscow

On October 7-11, for the 18th time, the Group of Companies KON accepted, greeted and organized several meetings of their old friends and new customers at the Exhibition AGROPRODMASH on our Stand 22 D 85.

This time KON performed its Show at 50 meters with several world leading companies: Japanese HITEC, Canadian SUNWELL and Danish VARO and DETECTRONIC.

When choosing them, KON followed the good old rule of German professional “Brothers” - Smoke Chamber Makers: “Manchmal weniger Ist Mehr” ( sometimes less is more ). Therefore, for the Stand were invited few - and the best.

HITEC took part with three machines at once: Linkwel line for producing sausages in any casings, as well as with Peeler SABRE 20 and a speedy Sausage Cutter. The unique "Japanese”, by a number of parameters exceeding similar equipment of world leaders Handtmann and Townsend, and " inferior " to them only in price, were highly appreciated by specialists. All samples were bought, and there were new orders for new machines. Including from Belarus.

SUNWELL demonstrated its latest development – a "liquid ice" generator. It saves three times the cooling time of the product in comparison with flake ice, greatly increasing the quality of the product. Machine is of particularly great demand among fishermen.

VARO introduced a machine that halves the time of production and prepares a lot of food - from jams and fruit yogurt to baby food and meat pastes without losing their natural flavors and colors.

DETECTRONIC showed its latest developments - detectors capable to detect in the liquid and food environment not only different metals, but also any other undesirable particles: even wood, stone and other trash.

KON, for its part, offered to visitors its most promising model - KON100 heat chamber for cold and hot smoking fish and meat - and the legendary furnace KON -5 for small businesses.

Have not been forgotten and other good old KON partners: Egginton laid emphasis on their high quality Sheffield made knives and Sharpening Steels, as Accles & Shelvoke sent to the Stand pistols for humane slaughter, there were also industrial footwear and clothing, saws and more ...

Thus, the best products have got their right place on the KON Stand and a strong demand from buyers.

That's what it means to BE AT STAKE !

And more. For the first time! An interesting paper was published about all those newly found products, which was in great demand at the Expo. And now you can get it for free in the Office of the Company, On Begovaya 26. Hurry, limited edition!