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Оборудование Vakona


The German Company VAKONA GmbH has been operating on the market of meat processing equipment for nearly half a century and is well known throughout the world both for the industry professionals and for direct food manufacturers.

Their focus is on tumbling machines, vacuum- mixing- blending and tenderizing machines and pickling technology, as well as various special machines for the food industry.

Miraculously, but for this Firm, if they lived in Russia, the best image would be the fabulous image of Gogol’s Russian Troika in all its senses.

First, it is a family and, thus, most reliably run. Its owners and managing directors are the Troika of Höning: father Ludger and his two sons, the elder Christian and the younger Sebastian.

Second, more than a hundred representations and dealers - all around o'clock and the world -promote and realize equipment, technology and philosophy of the Company. This in fact means global reach and total service anywhere around the Globe.

And the third, no less important, "horse", ensuring success of the Company and allow it to – say, for last 15 years, - more than triple production volumes. This is a bet on that same “Troika” as well: 1) the most advanced technology and its constant innovation, 2) the best possible price and 3) the inimitable quality.

This allows Ludger, Christian and Sebastian always be a bit - say, on the three heads, - ahead of their competitors. That is why the KON saw them among dozens of other racers of the market, and the Höning family, in their turn, chose the KON as the VAKONA Representative in Russia (God knows, but not without some reason, the German VAKONA has in its name the name of the Russian KON).

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