Sales Office: Begovaya Street 26, tel.: (495) 287-95-97, 287-95-98, fax: (495) 945-15-98
Service: 1-Botkinsky Projezd 4, tel.: (495) 945-32-91, (499) 795-85-68, (499) 795-87-37
Оборудование HITEC



Manufacturing, Developing &Trading of Ham and Sausage Machines

HITEC CO.LTD., an internationally well-known Japan Firm developing, manufacturing, selling and supporting sausage and ham stuffing systems.

HITEC has created original machines based on extensive research and advanced technology. In this field, the Company holds the No.1 market share in Japan.

HITEC is always reviewing industries trends and incorporating them into new and improved machines.

HITEC is expanding steadily into world markets. Now the Firm has its offices located in Japan (Head Office and Factory), Asia and U.S.A.

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