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Universal Thermal Chambers KON - KONtinuous Self-Perfection for 25 Years!

Company Profile

For nearly a quarter of a century, in spite of any problem or obstacle, the Company KON successfully operates in the market of food equipment.

During the past times a lot has happened. There is no the Soviet Union now. Russia has been changed many times. Constantly, often not for the better, changed their presidents, governments, rubles value and the business rules...

And the KON, as it was, remains one of the leading manufacturers of the best thermal cameras, successfully competing with global producers.

This was made by us possible thanks to a number of main cornerstones.

First, and most importantly, it is a team of KON. The former specialists of the legendary avia-gigants MIG and Salute, they turned their problems into their success.

Saving themselves as a single brain center, creatively using and constantly improving the experience and technology, these people "from zero" created the original and popular machines.

As a result, during this period, the Company has produced and sold over 5000 thermal cameras, and the demand for them is only growing, despite more fast growth of competition.

Second, the modular design of chambers. Due to experiments two base models were selected: a module for small businesses, known as KON-5, and KON-100 for medium and big producers.

This design principle provides a quick and flexible production with the number of modules required for each specific customer.

Third, the Company, from the very beginning of its activity, provides not just a commodity, but a comprehensive solution of the customer’s problems and full service of the systems throughout their life cycle.

Fourth, it is an active business diversification – the KON announce the development of an active marketing in Russia and abroad as their strategic objective.

Representatives and agents of the Company actively promote the products and the philosophy of KON in dozens of regions and countries.

Fifth, and this is a new step of promoting the Company on the Russian market and abroad.

KON is no longer just waiting for orders from customers. The company actively generates new demand for more "unprecedented" projects using globalization and the international division of labor.

Their Chambers are combined and integrated into a complex production system in conjunction with the equipment of the world's leading food processing manufacturers.

For this purpose – searching for such "capitalist labor strikers” - our top-management has literally hunted around the world. And often successfully.

This you can see carefully reading the material of this site, articles of KON or specialized magazines.

The 6th factor are the long-established and flexible financial arrangements and logistics.

And, the last, but not least, - the price factor. In the face of strong competition, unfavorable market conditions and financial situation in Russia, the KON Cambers are in great demand, because, according to the results of joint tests, qualitatively they are not inferior to the best world analogues, and 1.5-2 times cheaper in price.

Summarizing the above, we can say that the success of the KON thermal cameras in the market is the result of a unique alloy of a strong team, continuously improved technology, the modular design of the machines, flexible service, finance and logistics, as well as innovation, and sophisticated marketing.

Constant movement into the new and unknown, purposeful work - that's the spirit, strength and motto of the Group KON.

Sergei Novikov
GC KON Chief Engineer

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