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Smoke Generators, Smokehouses and Massagers 


Mincers, Bowl Cutters, Mixers & Band Saws 

Линии для производства сосисок, пиллеры, делители

Tumbling machines, vacuum- mixing- blending and tenderizing machines and pickling technology

Льдогенераторы и системы производства льда переменного состояния

container tippers BACKSAVER

Оборудование для производства варенья, джемов, соусов Skinning machines, ice generators


Equipment & Technologies for Injecting Food Equipment for Defrostation & Refrigeration
Machines for Vacuum Packaging of Fresh Products Автоклавы фирмы Lagarde
Humane Slaughter Equipment Incinerators for Disposal of Meat Production Wastes Band Saws, Fillers, Mixers, Mincers, Cutters, Moulders and Slicers Equipment for Tool Sharpening
FirmaWW Lubricants, Specialty Fluids and Greases fo Food Industry Band Saws Laboratory Equipment
Carcass-Cutting Tools & Saws Sharpening Steels