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Welcome to our website: we are producing and selling smoke generators and smokehouses, as well as all range of food processing equipment
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     Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Let me introduce our Company and myself!

    My name is Alexander Eliseev, I am the owner and CEO of the Company KON, Moscow, Russia.

    The Company’s web-site name is as simple as my family name, i.e. it spells as Now we start making its English edition. - After all, we have something to propose to “Urbi et orbi”.

    Company KON works at the market of meat and fish processing equipment since 1991. We are a leading company in this market sector of Russia.

    For these 25 years we ourselves and in cooperation with leading Russian aerospace companies MIG and SALUT have been manufacturing thousands of smoke generators and smokehouses of different types for meat, poultry and fish, as well as vacuum meat massagers and other equipment. Their presentation and description can be found in "Equipment" section.

    We carry out full range of services for the production, delivery and maintenance for small and medium-sized meat and fish processing plants in Russia and abroad.

    At the same time we work as a commercial agent for several dozens of international manufacturers of different products related to meat, poultry, fish and milk production and processing. Here you can find their brand-names and contacts.

    We are interested in expanding the product range we offer to clients. We are looking for new Partners, Distributors and Sales Agents the world over. This is another reason why we are here in English!

    Best regards,

    Alexander Eliseev